Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Guess its Time

At one time it made sense for me to have a separate homeschooling blog, my kids were young, always doing hands on tasks for learning, there were lots of pictures to post and something to blog about pretty much every day.

Well, my kids are older, most of their learning is from books or at co-op, and even when we are doing a hands on experiment or something like that, they balk at having me take photos of it.

So, I will still occasionally mention homeschooling, or co-op classes, in my blogging, but it is just not often enough to justify having its own blog.  From now on, I will be posting my homeschooling events on my general blog, click HERE if you'd like to follow me there.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Daughter's Birthday Party

My youngest turned 11 years old last month, however, because we had a lot going on in our family, including (a death and funeral) we didn't celebrate her birthday then.  So she had her Birthday party yesterday instead.

As I observed the children who came to the party, something occurred to me. I've often heard people say that homeschoolers are not exposed to anyone who is different from them in any way.  That they are secluded and have only a few select friends, and are not exposed to people of other ethnic backgrounds or social classes or whatever.  But as I was observing this party I was struck by the, for lack of a better word, variety of guests.

First the children, they ranged in age from considerably younger than my daughter, to quite a bit older.  The youngest is, I think, in Kindergarten, and she was invited by my daughter, she didn't just tag along with an older sibling.  She was asked to come, and her grandma brought her, no older siblings with her at all.  The oldest is, I believe, in Junior High or possibly in the first year of High School, I'm not sure... but either way, older than my daughter by at least a few years.  In between that were kids closer to my daughter's age, and they all played together nicely, included each other, and celebrated together.  The one commonality between all of them was that they were all girls, except for my son, but I know that my daughter did invite a few boys too, they just couldn't make it.  As for ethnicity, there were several white, one African American, and one child with a Hispanic/Native American background.  There was also a fairly even mix of homeschoolers and publicly schooled children present at the party.

Now to the adults.  There were adult guests, who my daughter invited, who weren't even there with children.  They were invited because my daughter considers them to be her friends as much as the children who came. There was quite a bit of diversity there too, including a Messianic Jewish friend, however, the main thing that stuck out to me was that was daughter wanted to invite adults to her party.

Like most homeschoolers, she is equally comfortable interacting with another 11 year old, or 5 year old, or a 50 year old.  She isn't afraid to be seen playing with a Kindergartner, not worried that it won't be considered "cool" or whatever the current term is.  She is also quite capable of carrying on a conversation with a 30, 40, or 50 year old and not be shy.  She will sit and exchange words and ideas with them like an equal, while still (usually) showing them the respect that a child should show to an adult.

Now I'm not saying that she is perfect socially.  Like all children, she gets in arguments with her friends, and even the occasional physical scuffle.  Her closest friend and her often get in arguments, and struggle to get along at times, but all children have those moments.  I feel that she interacts naturally with a wider variety of people than most children I've seen though.

Just my observations!

Anyway, below are some photos of the party!

The bird is one of her presents, his name is fidget.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Waking Up

Many people will probably remember the ICAD blog challenge my kids and I took part in last June, well it may be long over with, but it woke up the artist in me and she isn't going back to sleep any time soon.  I've been busy creating and painting.

You can see a slide show of most of my finished pieces on the sidebar of this blog.  But I thought I'd highlight a few pieces too.

"In Spirit and In Truth" was one of the first paintings I did.

Sell Art Online

And I did "Abstraction of Randomness" for my son-in-law:
Art Prints

One of my more recent paintings is "Wisdom"
Art Prints

Now I really need to put my paintings into a gallery somewhere and sell them, because the walls in my house are getting full!  I've created much more than the three I showed here, even more than what the slideshow has.  I have sold one.  Given a way a few.  I hope to sell more but it doesn't really matter that much, I just really enjoy painting them!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

So much going on!

A lot has been going on in my life lately.  I'm still working out, still trying to eat healthier.  I haven't lost weight  significantly this summer, but haven't gained significantly either, I'm pretty much maintaining, bouncing up and down in the same 7-8 pound range.

An example of what has gone on recently. My mother-in-law passed on, my oldest daughter got married, I got bitten by the art bug and started painting... and most recently, a dear brother in Christ and his daughter Vanessa became homeless, so my family took them in.

This has been a real blessing, as I really do love them like family.  Vanessa seems to me like my own daughter, she even calls me mom, and I love her like my own.  Steve, her dad, is like a dear friend and brother to both me and my husband.  My only real concern about the situation is that some day they will of course leave, and I know that I am going to miss them both when that day comes... I'll miss them both, but I know I'll miss Vanessa most.  I am sure that it is going to feel like one of my own children leaving.  So while on the one hand, while I look forward to them getting back on their feet and receiving the blessing of steady work and their own place, I also selfishly dread the day.  Either way though, I know that God will work it out, and He will carry me through whatever feelings I have about the issue.  My joy is not dependent on people on this earth, but is dependent upon God, upon Christ, so I will get through this.

While this has been a blessing in many ways, it has, unfortunately distracted my focus from my weight loss.  The workout habit, and healthier eating habit has kept me from regaining all my weight, but my focus is just not that much on losing right now.  With three adults, one teenager, and two preteens living in this house, when I cook I tend to think of "feeding the masses", rather than, "keep the calories low".   I know I need to get the focus back, and I know I will soon.  In the meantime, I am getting some practice on maintenance and letting my metabolism have a break from the weight loss mode.

I am setting as a goal to redouble my efforts starting in September, when Vanessa starts school and some kind of regular schedule will be imposed on our household in order to get her there.  I am also thinking that perhaps I might just need to start making separate meals for myself, pasta for the masses and chicken and veggies for me!

On the homeschooling front, my planning is not quite finished for the coming year, but it is close to being finished, I will need to focus on that between now and September, so that my family is ready to get started on it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our ICAD's so far:

My daughter and I continue to create cards for the Index Card a Day Challenge, and my son even got in on the act once!

First the kid's ICAD's so far (posted in the order in which they were created.. I think.

By  my daughter Danielle (age 10)

By  my daughter Danielle (age 10)

By  my daughter Danielle (age 10)

My son Samuel's (age 12) only card so far.

By  my daughter Danielle (age 10)

By  my daughter Danielle (age 10)

By  my daughter Danielle (age 10)

By  my daughter Danielle (age 10)

Next my cards so far, in the order that they were created in:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More "Sneaky" Art!

Well, having their mom paint sure seem to be awakening a desire to create in my children.  Today, while I did my ICAD, both of my children painted as well.

My daughter made her creation as a gift for someone, so I can't post it or else they'll see the gift before they get it.  However, my son created his just for fun, so I am free to share a photo of his painting, I was really impressed with this, especially since he did it without sketching in pencil first.

And here is my ICAD for the day: